Sarah Crowell standing in the center of a circle of joyful people with hands up, big smile.

Collaboration & Equity

I’m a dancer, actor, writer, arts educator, community organizer, facilitator and collaborator. I’m dedicated to bringing physical movement, mindfulness, and playful team building into organizations in order to foster and deepen commitment to the values of collaboration and equity. My work embodies what Alicia Garza, co-founder of BLM declares:

“The task is to try and live our lives in the way that we envision freedom looking like and feeling like.”

Sarah CROWELL at Destiny Arts Center photo by Catrina-Marchetti
Sarah CROWELL at Destiny Arts Center photo by Catrina-Marchetti


All offerings are tailored for each individual or organization’s needs and most can be done either in person or online

Team Building – working with teams to build a sense of community, connection and clear communication

Arts Integration – training educators to integrate arts into academic settings

Arts Education – training arts educators who work with students of all ages to create an engaging classroom culture

Creative Curation – working collaboratively to curate meaningful experiences